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Every two years the Rudolf Schülke Foundation awards the Hygiene Prize and the Hygieia Medal during a festive ceremony.

The Rudolf Schülke Foundation awards the Hygiene Prize biennially to scientists who have achieved remarkable solutions to problems in the area of hygiene, microbiology and preventive medicine.

In 2015 the Hygiene Prize, worth € 15,000,- was shared between two scientists. Either of them is Tim Maisch, BSc (Regensburg, Germany) with his work titled: "Fast and Effective Photodynamic Inactivation of Multiresistant Bacteria by Cationic Riboflavin Derivates" and the other is Matthias Willmann, MD (Tübingen, Germany) with his work titled: "Analysis of a long-term outbreak of XDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a molecular epidemiological study”.

In February 2018, the Rudolf Schülke Foundation presents the next Hygiene Prize. Papers to be handed in by 15 February 2017.

For more information see here the Announcement Paper.

Along with the Hygiene Prize the Foundation awards the Hygieia Medal every two years. This medal is intended to honour those people who have devoted their lives' work to hygiene and microbiology.

2015 the Hygieia Medal was awarded to Professor Elaine Larson Columbia University, U.S.A. in recognition of her excellent contributions to the field of hygiene in research, theory and practical application.

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